About Me

Hey! I'm James, a wedding photographer based in Surrey. I also specialise in family and couples photography.

I love to capture those personal and heartfelt moments of couples and families to help create lasting memories. I approach all shoots with a relaxed, stress-free attitude to make you feel comfortable whilst capturing the natural candid moments you have with loved ones.

In my spare time, I can usually be found attached to the hip of my German Shepherd (a picture will be attached below for reference!). Feel free to message me saying how beautiful she is... 🐕

I'm addicted to travel. Experiencing different countries and cultures of the world with my girlfriend is something I will always be grateful for and I can't see it ever stopping. 🌍

This pairs nicely with my obsession with food! If I haven't tried it, send it my way! (Dim Sum & Sushi are currently top of the list). 🍣

Anyway, enough of me...I want to hear about YOU! Drop me a message and we can start planning some once in a lifetime photos.